JL Mechanical welcomes all customers, vehicles, makes & models for all repairs, servicing and inspections. We look forward to helping meet all your expectations and more

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We repair all aspects of your vehicle

  • All Vehicle Mechanical Repairs
  • Log Book Servicing on all Makes and Models to Manufacturers Specifications
    Cars, 4wd’s & Light Trucks even when under New Car Warranty!
  • Cooling Systems/Radiators
  • Suspension, Steering and Front End Repairs
  • EFI and Electronic Repairs and Diagnosis
  • Fuel Injector Diagnostic Repair, Scanning & Cleaning
  • Brake & Clutch Repairs
  • Clutch Replacement on all Vehicles including 4WD and Light Trucks
  • Auvis Station for all Rego Inspections
  • RTA Safety Checks, Pinkslips, Blue slips, LPG inspections, Taxi inspections and Heavy Vehicle Inspection.
  • All work covered by 10,000 km or 3 months warranty.
  • Haymen Reese tow bars fitted
  • We Test, Supply & Fit New Batteries
  • We Stock & Fit New Tire (electronic 4 wheel alignments)
  • Air Conditioning Service & Repair

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